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Community Pharmacist Consultation Service

CPCS Urgent Supply Update

Please be aware the CPCS urgent supply service has now been updated to include several "Days supplied" fields. These record the length of treatment supplied for each medicine. This change has been requested by NHS England. You can read the FAQ Guide for more information about this change. Further details can be found in the CPCS Frequently Asked Questions and Urgent Supply Guide below.

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) is now live. This service will see participating community pharmacies receiving referrals into an IT platform that have been sent by NHS 111.

The referrals will be requests for a pharmacist to support patients that require:

  1. 1. An urgent medicine(s) supply; and
  2. 2. A consultation with a pharmacist to manage a minor illness.

Referrals will be sent directly from the NHS 111 system into the pharmacy IT platform in use as an ITK message. For many areas of the country the IT platform in use is PharmOutcomes.

A list of newly created CPCS guides have been provided below along with an instructional video guide for more information.

CPCS Followup Video Guide